Ayurvedic Energy Supplements To Boost Male Stamina And Vitality

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Vital M-40 capsules are the best ayurvedic male energy supplements to boost stamina and vitality in a safe and healthy manner.

Young men prone to weight gain, tiredness, lack of sleep and low energy suffer from lack of development of muscle mass, slow increase in size of the reproductive organ, out of proportion growth of arms and legs, sparse facial or body hair and fatigue, mostly due to poor testosterone flow. One percent fall in T flow can be observed in men in age after the age of 30. Intake of certain harsh medications can raise or lower the amount of compound SHBG in blood which can alter the amount of bio available testosterone.

Damage to the male reproductive organ due to infections such as mumps or radiations can affect the levels of T, and people who are continuously gaining weight need to watch out as it indicates reduction in T flow. Diabetes is also linked to the change in endocrine flow in male body and these conditions are linked to high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The problem of low mood or no interest in so-called masculine activities can indicate problem, which can be prevented by taking ayurvedic male energy supplements.

Herbs can boost stamina and vitality and reverse damage to body caused by harsh radiations, lifestyle factors ( such as smoking, alcohol, stress etc.) and also restore the endocrine flow in the body to promote motivation and positive mood. Saffron one of the herbs in the ayurvedic male energy supplements Vital M-40 capsules have a range of culinary uses and this has many health benefits . It can reduce obesity and craving for food. This was tested in overweight women who were not suffering from eating disorders.

The study concluded that the intake of the herb could reduce snacking by 55 percent and the women reported less hunger in eight week of intake of the herb. The compound croci in the herb has anxiolytic properties where the study with the herb found that exposure to the aroma of saffron for 20 minutes was able to reduce depression in humans by approximately 10 percent. Two different tests with the extract on men and women found the use of saffron was able to alleviate sexual dysfunction. Its intake could elevate mood. The supplementation of 200 mg to 400 mg of the herb could enhance mood by 40 percent to boost stamina and vitality.

The compound crocetin in the herb could bind DNA to prevent DNA damage. The compound from saffron crocetin and others in the normal cells could bind components in the normal cells and it is thought to act in the nucleus as it exhibits potency to inhibit DNA and RNA synthesis. This has UV radiation protective effects and various skin care products are using it as key ingredient to get solar protective properties comparable (and even greater) to popular chemical-based sunscreens available at stores.

Study on male rats found its intake could boost stamina and vitality and this was also effective in reducing erectile dysfunction when a supplementation of 200 mg daily was given for 10 days. These studies are, basically, dose dependent and a proper dose of the herb is needed to get the desired impact, which can be found in the ayurvedic male energy supplements.